We are setting up a Makerspace and Artist Studios on the sunny and open third floor of our building. This new area will become a productive hub for use by all artists, tinkerers, and otherwise inventive people in the community.

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The Makerspace will be a large, shared space, furnished with special equipment for making things. Makers of all levels of experience can join for an affordable monthly membership fee, and gain access to the space and equipment to use for their unique, creative projects. Just as importantly, our model of membership and sharing will give individuals access to the invaluable support of community. Members will share knowledge and skills as they collaborate on various creative endeavors.
The Artist Studios will adjoin the Makerspace, and share in the purpose of supporting local artistic and creative needs. However, the Artist Studios will supplement the Makerspace by leasing private, barebones (but beautiful) studio space to individuals who need privacy or larger scale project space.

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We are aiming to open by the end of 2018. In the meantime, the project will be taking shape in both character and physical form. Join us now to become part of that process.

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