Art Department

Welcome to Epoch Arts’ Art Department

The Art Department is ever growing and evolving in order to offer a wide variety of art and craft classes to children of all ages.  We currently have 5 art teachers on staff offering courses in painting, drawing, clay, and crafts. Classes run in 8 week semesters with new courses being offered every semester.  In addition to classes we have our annual fall art show, “Artopia”, highlighting the work of all of our students.

Our goal is to teach our kids some of the fundamentals of art and introduce them to different mediums to enhance their creativity.  Ultimately we want every child to experience a sense of pride in what they are doing and creating while enjoying a good dose of messy fun.

Feel free to stop by and check us out, and keep an eye on the website for upcoming art shows and workshops for kids and adults.


art Department People

Rachel Martin
Assistant Artistic Director
Amanda Morris
Art Director


Thanks for coming to Beautiful Things 2016

"You are beautiful, smart, unique, and you are always enough. You are worth it, I tell her. And with the smallest of actions, with nothing more than a seed, her spirits were lifted in this one little deed. Yes, I believe love, will make you do crazy things." Little things are worth the investment.

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