We are based 27 Skinner Street, East Hampton, Connecticut.

Mission Statement:

To enrich lives in East Hampton and its neighboring communities with experiences in the arts. We accomplish this through events, programs, and educational services which stimulate learning, self-expression and teamwork.




In 1998 the Ague Spring Players was founded and performed their first play, "Romeo and Juliet". They converted the Haddam Neck grange hall into a working theater, calling it their home for the next three years. Since then, they have performed many original plays, exploring a variety of spaces, including an old factory, a camp rec hall, and a school. In 2005, the group expanded into what is now known as Epoch Arts, a non-profit arts for youth organization. With this expansion, they began to offer activities for youth preschool-12th grade, in theater, music, arts and film-making.

Our Facility:

We are located at 27 Skinner Street, in East Hampton, CT. Our facility holds our 2400 square foot theater space, an art studio, a video editing film lab, a coffee shop / break area and a multipurpose room. Our facility is handicapped accessable. Our 42,000 square foot building will allow us to expand and fulfill our future dreams.


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Our Students Say:


“Breaking Silences is an amazing support group for teen girls.  It gives them a place to get away from the judgments they may feel at school or home and talk to other girls their own age about issues they all face in day to day situations with the opportunity to learn more about others in a safe place.  It's a great opportunity to get a chance to talk to someone they may not have thought they had something in common with, understand that they are not facing these life challenges alone, and that there is always something to be learned from others and every situation that life hands them. In small group discussions, I have seen a lot of these young girls come up with ideas to solve problems that even I hadn't thought of and I'm proud to have witnessed such maturity when coming to difficult conclusions from such young girls.  Through testimonies of some of the group leaders and also guest speakers, it shows these girls that even through difficulty and struggle they are capable of turning a rough beginning into a successful and bright ending, but everything depends on how they choose to handle situations alone and with others.  This group has been an inspiration to me through the years and through the tears and triumphs of these girls, I am proud to have been a part of it all.”

Erica Cunningham( Former Breaking Silences girl.)

I have been in Ague Mainstage for 7 amazing years of my life. When I first started Ague, way back in the day, I was incredible shy, and for those who know me that is far from who I have become. Ague has taught me that it is ok to be different, and just to be yourself. Being different is what makes you stand out from everyone else. Ague is not just a theatre group, it's my second family, it's full of unique people, who each have something special about them. No one is turned away because of what they believe, how they dress, the music they listen to, the color of their hair. It's a chance to meet new interesting people, express yourself, and be who you really are. Ague has helped me grow in so many ways, and I wouldn't trade this incredible experience for anything. -Caitlin Smith

I'v been with ague for seven years. Not only have i learned tons of acting skills, I'v made many friends, and learned important lessons. Our director (Beth) tells us not to act like ur character, be ur character. Ague helps you so much to improve your acting from your presense on stage to speaking loudly and speaking like your character would. I like ague alot because it focuses so much on moving, talking and, thinking as your character. Everyone in ague is so unique. You can learn alot from each other, not just about acting but about having confidence and being yourself. All of the ague plays have had a message. Learning and understanding those messages with the rest of the cast has been a great experience. -chrissy Shinn