Until October 2nd, we have a special opportunity for Connecticut Businesses to support Epoch Arts with donations 100% reimbursed!

We are looking for business partners to join us in this tremendous opportunity.

Epoch Arts was approved in a 2017 Connecticut program called the Neighborhood Assistance Act, which will fully reimburse corporate supporters for their donations of any amount between $250 - $150,000 through a Corporation Business Tax credit. 

  • The donations must be pledged between 9/15/2017 and 10/2/2017, and made before the end of the year.
  • The donations will be directed toward exciting, energy efficient renovations of our upcoming Makerspace & Art Studio project

This is a win-win proposal. The donations will make an enourmous, positive impact in people's lives through our educational programs in the arts, while the corporation will get good publicity and the eternal thanks of a grateful community, at no cost. Epoch Arts will get the funds needed to renovate part of its historic building into an energy efficient MakerSpace that will provide equipment and space for aspiring creators in central Connecticut.

Please contact us immediatly if your business would like to help us in this way. The process is as simple as making your pledge on this single page form.